Bruisemaster Blaster:


Please do not purchase this item before contacting us to discuss the options


Constantly evolving and constructed from the latest performance parts available, our are built to order and are gaurunteed to impress with performance and reliabillity being the central focus.


As the industry moves we move with it. Components are either sourced from local and overseas suppliers or fabricated in house, we only use components that have been rigourously tested by us. There are many ways to build a mechbox and with the best cases available currently being supplied with Airsoft dimensions, converting these to shoot gels requires complex and precise alterations if to be done successfully.


Higher rates of fire and muzzle velocities up to 450 fps. For the base rate of $1800 you supply your favourite blaster and it receives a full upgraded motor, Retro Arms mechbox, Leviathan FCU, adapter set, inner barrel, custom made outer barrel and a TED to control the gels


The result is a balanced and professionally made blaster tuned to suit your requirements. satisfaction gauranteed and all work has a three month warranty against component defects and faults (see conditions below). Free first service after 10,000 shots fired (Leviathan has a shot counter)


Options for alternitive components are by negotion and must suit our criteria for quality and performance.


Upon collection the customer will get full instructions for care and maintenance of the blaster as well as operation and best practices for safe and sustainable use. support for the product is available 24/7 (within reason) by phone or online.


Warranty Conditions:

3 month warranty is voided if:

  • The blaster has been dismantled or adjusted in any way other than necessary for cleaning the upper reciever and barrel.
  • The Blaster has not been presented for the free first service.
  • The Blaster shows signs of misuse or abuse.
  • The Blaster is continued to be used after a problem arises.
  • The shot counter exceeds 40,000


Pictures for this item are for display purposes only.


We do not do DSG.


we do not supply a list of parts used but gaurantee that all components meet the criteria for high performance builds and reliability.

Bruisemaster Blaster

  • If you cannot get to our Workshop in the Ipswich area for collection and it must be shipped the cost of shipping will be determined by your location and is an additional cost.

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