Bore Diameter (at narrowest point)   7.25mm

Outter Diameter  9.5mm

The Gold series barrels are manufactured from a material specially selected to rival Stainless. It has all the benefits of Stainless with the added bonus of higher mechanical strength and more. The higher mechanical strength makes the barrel more stable as it has reduced flex during operation, this is particularly important with barrels over 300mm in length.


The Gold series when used with quality gels will increase the muzzle velocity by up to 30% in some cases with an average increase of 15% in most blasters. Effective range and grouping will also improve as the barrels significantly reduce the variation in muzzle velocity.


The outter diameter of the barrel is the same as most standard barrels which makes them easy to install and compatible with original T-Pieces and after market hop ups.


The Bore is non-linear and designed to accomodate gels from 7.1mm to 7.6mm. The ideal sized gel is 7.2mm - 7.4mm for this barrel, larger than this will still work fine although the increase in muzzle velocity will be slightly reduced.


175mm       $42.50

240mm       $49.00

270mm       $52.00

290mm       $54.00

300mm       $55.00

330mm       $58.00

340mm       $59.00

350mm       $60.00

400mm       $65.00

450mm       $70.00

500mm       $75.00


If you require a length no listed please send us a message and we will arrange it for you.


The Bruismaster Gold Series barrels are a result of extensive research and development of our “Tight Bore” barrels and are constantly evolving with the Gel Blaster industry.
When we released the first “Tight Bore” gel blaster barrel onto the market in 2018 it was originally made from stainless steel and revolutionized this component. The product also developed awareness for the relalonship of gels and barrels and how significant performance gains can be realized by using better quality items.


Since then leading manufacturers and others have tried to emulate our barrels with cheap mass produced items but have failed to match the performance gains a Bruisemaster barrel achieves.
Our barrels aren’t just a straight metal tube, they are a purpose made item with a bore that has been profiled to make the most out of the charge pressure created by the Mechbox and they act to improve effective range.
To push performance even further than what could be achieved with the original Stainless Steel items we needed to change materials to something that had all the qualites that were important in Stainless and enhance other qualities we felt were lacking.


The Gold Series barrels are made from a Copper Alloy, the compositon is similar to Brass with some additonal elements that improve the grain structure of the metal to increase the mechanical strength and allow for a finer surface finish in the bore. This partcular alloy is used in the aerospace and nuclear power generation industries and its production is strictly controlled which means that the material we start with is always the same, this makes a significant differance to ensuring consistent manufacturing to fine tollerances. We were fortunate enough to know a local manufacturer that uses this product and allows us to purchase lengths from them, otherwise the cost ofimporting this material would not be feasible for the application.


The bores are profiled to suit the individual length and then finished with a process called “Chemically Accelerated Surface Finishing” to achieve a silky smooth surface with a very low coefficient of friction. The bore profiles have been developed to account for the inconsistencies in gel diameters as well as reducing
“breach breaks” with higher charge pressures. The muzzle is profiled to graduate the gels to their natural size , graduate the pressure balance and to account for the difference in wall thickness required for standard hop ups. All of this equates to a barrel that increases the speed and accuracy of the gel when compared to the standard barrel and other aftermarket items.


The Gold series barrels are much heavier than others and the material we use greatly improves their mechanical strength. Whilst this is important for all length barrels it is the longer barrels which benefit from this the most. Barrels longer than 300 mm can distort during opera􀆟on which disrupts the accuracy of the
gel. The extra weight and mechanical strength acts to improve stability and accuracy.


Installing a Bruisemaster Barrel is relatively simple and in most cases can be completed with no modifications to the blaster. A couple of tools and can be ready to go in minutes.


The barrels do not place any additional loads on the mechanical components of the blaster such as installing a larger main spring, battery or motor would. The barrels simply work to utilize the charge pressure in a more efficient and effective way to improve performance.
The barrels do not wear out and do not have to be cleaned, regular use will keep them in good condition. If the blaster is not used for a lengthy period it will take a few shots to purge any residual gel matter and lubricate the bore before typical operation resumes.


The barrels are covered by a standard warranty against manufacture defects or faults. As there are no moving parts and no potential for failure during normal use we also offer a lifetime warranty.


We have used and tested every type of gel currently on the market and have had no problems firing all types through the barrels which wouldn’t be experienced with standard barrels. The lesser quality gels that break in our barrels also break in standard barrels so it is recommended to use the best quality gels possible to avoid this happening. If the gels are of decent quality and grown properly even the
larger sizes between 7.5mm ‐ 8.00mm will pass through the barrels with an average powered blaster.
The Bruisemaster website contains plenty of detailed information in regards to gels and barrels and is worth reading in order to improve your experience with gel blasters.
Please only use the barrels for their intended purpose in a safe and controlled environment, be familiar with and obey local laws regarding gel blasters and have fun modifying and using your gel blaster

Gold Series Barrel

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  • Please select carefully before purchasing, All barrels are made to order and can only be returned if;

    1. The item has not been used.
    2. The item has not been modified.
    3. The item was not manufactured correctly (incorrect length or material)

    The buyer is responsible for the cost of return postage and must use the original packaging. Upon recieving the returned item, if the product is in deed faulty or incorrect a replacement will be sent and the buyer refunded any postage costs incurred. 

  • Please handle all barrels with care, do not drop or bend. Store barrels in original packaging when not in use.

    It is important to regularly clean barrels to avoid build up of residues from shooting gels.

    Do not use sharp objects or chemicals to clean barrels.

    Visit the resources page on this website for a downloadable information sheet.

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