Leviathan fire control Unit for V2 Mechbox. 

Designed and manufactured by Jefftron CZ the Leviathan V2 is the most advanced and robust Fire Control Unit available today.

Jefftron are the current industry leaders for Fire Control Units (otherwise known as "MOSFET's") for AEG platforms. The Leviathan V2 FCU is the first to use Bluetooth wireless connectivity to syncronize with an APP downladed to your iOs or Android smartphone.

With the ability to adjust the FCU settings on the fly during game play or whilst setting up and tuning your AEG, fine adjustments can be made to improve performance or alter the charachteristics to better suit the environment.

The Leviathan V2 Mosfets have the highest rated current carrying capacity available, more than 10 % greater than the TiTan.

Jefftron introduced the "doubble trigger", now reffered to as "binary trigger" to the market another feature setting this unit apart.

Jefftron support the use of the Leviathan in Gel Blasters and will not void your warranty or support because wires for the magazine terminals have been added. In fact the Leviathan comes with auxillary connection pads on the circuit board which provide power to the magazine when the trigger is pulled.

Leviathan FCU

  • The Leviathon V2 is covered by a two year manufacturers warranty. Bruisemaster is an authorized agent and will assist directly with the Manufacturer for processing any warranty claims.

    The Leviathan logs all faults as codes and are simple to analyze to determine the cause of any problems.

    Should the FCU be damaged by way of incorrect use or installation we have found the manufacturer to be very helpful and repair or replace units for minimal cost.

    Buyer is responsible for the cost of returning the FCU to Bruisemaster in the event that warranty or repairs are required.

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