The Pinion Gear Tool allows you to hold the pinion gear securely in order to remove it from the motor shaft. This operation can be difficult when dealing with tight pinions or grub screws that cannot be losened.

Place the tool into a bench vice then slide the pinion into the slot. Using a suitable punch and hammer drive the moror shaft out of the pinion gear.

The tool is machined from 6061-T6 Aluminium which is softer than pinion gears so it will not damage gears you intend to reuse. It is suitable for all Blaster pinions and different length shafts.

The grove is cut into both ends giving you plenty of uses as some damage may occur when removing subbourn gears.

TIP: when using the tool put something under the motor to catch it like a plastic shopping bag.

Please use appropriate PPE when using tool

Pinion Gear Tool

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