This Kit is for the installation of a standard V2 Mechbox into the JM ACR/Gen 10

A standard mechbox for the purpose of this description is one that has not been specifically made for Gel Blasters and has a 3mm thick front wall of the casing (what the T-Piece butts up against). An example of this would be the Retro Arms or Retro Arms V2 Split box.


Kit Includes:

Custom T-Piece (Brass)

Custom Nozzle (Aluminium)

Gold Series Barrel (up to 500mm)

Free Delivery


This kit allows you to install a Std V2 box into an ACR. The components supplied are all made to our BM1 spec and meet the tolerances required to successfully operate the blaster once complete.

Will accept all inner barrels of 9.5mm outer diameter. Two o-rings are used to seal the barrel in the T-Piece thus making it easier to remove the barrel for cleaning amd maintenance.

The Kit is compatible with all aftermarket metal outer barrel systems currently available. 

The kit makes it easier to build a workable V2 box by reducing the tappet stroke required to 8.2mm from 9.5mm as is required for most other systems.

The custom made T-Piece is capable of a higher flow rate with zero chance of clogging.

The lightweight nozzle has been machined to match the T-Piece which provides support and prevents latteral movement. This reduces friction and wear on associated components.


This Kit is NOT COMPATIBLE with the MK V2 Mechbox. Please see other listing if you have this


.There is a certain level of skill required to perform modifications of this nature and whilst we can gaurantee that when properly used these products will outperform all others, we cannot gaurantee workmanship other than our own. If you are unsure of your capabillities or do not have the necessary tools required to carry out such modifications we advise that you seek assistance.


These products have been tested and have proven reliable in extremely high performance builds of both muzzle velocity and cyclic rate. We accept no liabillity for damage should any failure occur. We will however provide assistance and advice for matters relating to our products if required.


As with all Bruisemaster products you are covered by our replacement warranty and entitled to free support. Please keep in mind when purchasing that our products are made to order and allow up to ten business days for your items to be made and sent. We send via express post and all items are tracked. Thank you

Std V2 - ACR

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